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We Make Arcade Machines


We transformed an old Stargate arcade cabinet into our own Blue Jay Joyride videogame cabinet for the Paul Bunyan Communications Gigazone event of 2023. This project showed us that we can create any kind of arcade machines and produce them in large quantities if needed.



Pre-Designed Gaming Cabinets

Our videogame cabinet designs start from $2,000 for a standard box to $4,000 for a premium box. You can choose to have them emulator-ready or with a custom game developed by us for an extra fee. All our cabinets come with a custom control panel cover, vinyl siding and a lit top panel. Get in touch with us for more information.


Blue Jay Joyride Gaming Cabinets

Our flagship game, Blue Jay Joyride (on Steam), is a thrilling arcade adventure that you can enjoy on any of our arcade machine models. For a limited time, you can get a special discount on our arcade machines with our game(s) included.


Large Orders of Arcade Machines

Whether you need one arcade machine or a hundred, we can deliver. For orders of 100 or more, you can also get a custom videogame for free. The first large order may take some time to complete, as we have to set up our production. But after that, we can speed up the process. Contact us today and get a quote for your arcade machine order.


Pre-Designed Wall-Mounted Arcade Machines

If you prefer a more compact option, you can opt for our wall-mounted arcade machines. They have the same features as the full gaming cabinets but take up less space. The prices start at $1,800 for the standard version and $3,500 for the premium version. Everything else is the same as the full gaming cabinets.


Custom Arcade Machines

Customize your arcade cabinet to suit your style and preferences. Whether you want a unique software, fancy hardware, or both, we can make it happen. How about a kegerator inside your videogame cabinet? Or gold accents to make it shine? Or a taller cabinet for more comfortable gaming? Whatever you dream of, we can create it. Just contact us and get a quote for your custom arcade cabinet.


Arcade Cabinet Refurbishing

Do you have an old arcade machine that needs some love? We can restore it to its former glory or give it a new look. Whether you want to keep the original parts or upgrade them, we can do it for you. Refurbishing arcade machines is a challenging task and the price depends on the condition of the machine. Contact us and let us know what you need.

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