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Our Arcade Machine is Nearly Complete!

It has been a long road coming, but with the help of our great friend Ryan, the Blue Jay Joyride videogame cabinet is nearly finished. It was once an old Stargate arcade machine, and now it has a modern space shooter game for a new generation of gamers to play. We did our best to take inspiration from the original machine while still calling it our own.

We will be showing this at the 2023 Paul Bunyan TechExpo and Gigazone Gaming event! If you want to see this refurbished & customized machine in person stop by our booth! After the show we will make another blog post showing the long refurbishing process and a side-by side picture of old and new!

With this experience under our belts, we now have the ability to source the devices and develop the hardware to make custom gaming cabinets in the future. Producing dozens, or even hundreds of new arcade cabinets is quite possible, if the need were to arise.

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