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About Our Business

Simmuk is a new indie videogame studio, created in 2020 we started with the simple goal of creating a mobile game for the Google Play Store. Since then, we have grown our ambitions and our skills, and we are now working on bigger and better projects for various platforms. We work from our home offices, where we pour our passion and creativity into making games that appeal to a wide range of players.

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Who's Who

The Faces Behind Simmuk

We are a small but talented team of dudes who make games with what we have. We have been friends since we were kids, so we have a great chemistry and a shared vision. Curt and Hunter, the founders of Simmuk, have always dreamed of making their own games since they were in high school. They were later joined by Gabe, who brought his programming skills and amazing work ethic to the team.

Hunter Bolte

Co-Founder and Producer

Co-founder of Simmuk, Hunter is a programmer as well as the lead producer for Simmuk's major titles and projects.

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Curt Wasnuk

Co-Founder and CFO

One of the two co-founders and the man who handles most of the back-end business stuff, social media and publishing for Simmuk.

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Gabe Anderson


The most talented programmer on the team. Gabe single handedly made Blue Jay Joyride and has worked on other Simmuk demos.

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